Purple! 010Purple! 012

A simple mesh scarf (k1, *yo, k2tog across any odd number of stitches),  knit on size 17 needles in banana silk yarn.  Color: essence of purple crossed with icicles.  These photos fail to capture how this looks much in the way that bricks fail to float.

Banana silk yarn turns out to be a shameless flirt of a fiber.    The spin on it is uneven,  so some parts are tight and almost wiry, while other parts are almost nothing but loose fluffs of fiber.    It needs to coaxed and wheedled into going along with your knitting plans  – try to knit to quickly or without regard to the twist, and it will kink and knot up on you in a heart beat.

And when you block it — this yarn will make you cry.   This fiber does not like being wet, and radiates misery with every drippy little strand lying limply on the blocking surface.   Wet, this yarn makes Marvin seem cheerful.  In ice cold water, it bled out so much color that it was still tinting the water after three careful rinses.    You will find yourself standing over a raggedy looking mess of stitches, weeping over how wonderful the yarn was,  and the cruel fate that led you to believe the ball band instructions of  “Handwash in cold water. Dry flat.”

And then it dries out.

And everything is as wonderful as it was before, but better, because now it is softer, and fluffier, and the places where it twisted unavoidably as you knit it have relaxed and untwisted and evened out, and it is again the most beautiful yarn you’ve ever worked with.


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