Silvanus – felted!

Here he is before felting:
Silvanus pre-felting

And after felting:
Silvanus Felted

And blocking:
Silvanus Blocking

A couple more inches there and I’d have myself a nice chair-back cover!

I’m glad I’ve waited until after felting to do the handle on this —  this lost a lot of length, but not much width during the felting process,  so I am going to put two handles on it (one on each side), rather then one long handle from seam to seam.

Erssie warns about the potential for pattern distortion when felting this — she handfelted to avoid it,  but I’m not that patient.  I “set” the stitches  in the bag by handfelting it until it started to full,  and then finished it in the washing machine — it took two runs through to machine to felt to what you see.    And another one wouldn’t hurt it – there’s still a bit of stitch definition, especially in the white.   I imagine that whatever bleach/dying process is used on the white yarn has left a little more resistant to felting.

I am blocking this on the back of a chair to put a nice stretch on the seams —  this will give it a nice square bag shape.

The last thing I need to do is knit and felt the handles for this.    The thought of that many inches of moss stitch being worked across 11 stitches is making me a little dizzy.


2 thoughts on “Silvanus – felted!

  1. It looks fabulous!

    Yep, I’m coming out of the closet so to speak. I’m your pal for Secret Pal 9. The month of January is up and although you haven’t received your last parcels yet, it’s time to reveal. I hope the stuff I got you gets there by the end of next week and the little packet I’m doing up for you will get into the mail Saturday morning and hopefully get there by the end of February.

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog.

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