Exotic yarns!

This came today from my SP9 pal!  Edit – my SP 9 Pal is Dorothy!  While I was making this post, she posted her reveal on my Silvanus post!  Dorothy – you’ve been a great Secret Pal – thank you so much for everything!

SP9giftie 001

What’s inside?
SP9giftie 003

Exotic yarns! Purple banana silk, and handspun Mongolian camel hair! Both fair-trade yarns from Earth Friendly Yarns.
P9 giftie

I love purple. And this is so purple, and shiny and wonderful looking!

It didn’t even make it into the stash.
Purple! 003


3 thoughts on “Exotic yarns!

  1. I thought you might like the purple. Is it as smooth and silky as it looks? I’ve been wanting to try some myself, but haven’t gotten the chance as yet.

    How does the camel yarn feel? Is it a next-to-the-skin yarn or an over-something-else yarn?

    That was damn fast service. I ordered that for you on Monday.

  2. The purple is very silky feeling, but I wouldn’t call it smooth exactly – it’s a very slubby yarn, with some parts very tightly spun, and others almost just loose fluffs of fiber – it’s fun to knit with.

    The camel yarn is definitely an over-something-else yarn — it’s got a very brisk wiry feel to it. I’m almost tempted to try a mesh bag out of it, but I’m not sure I’ve got the yardage. It’s a great looking yarn – I love the colors, and I absolutely adore the “wooly but not quite” exotic smell that it has, but I think it really needs just the right project.

  3. I wondered about the yardage of the Camel. It isn’t very expensive and Earth Friendly Yarns may be able to match it for you since it is a natural colour rather than a dye. Look under the Fair-Traded link if you want more.

    Too bad the purple bled so much, but I’m very glad it turned out better after a wash.

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