Success through redefinition.

Suppose you have a small odd ball of a bulky yarn and are looking for something to knit. You are also an inveterate re-reader of blogs, and are working your way through the Yarn Harlot‘s archives for the third time. You find the pattern for Ken’s Dulaan Hat, and you think Aha! My odd ball of bulky yarn has a destiny!

Since this is a great pattern, you cast it on right away, and two hours later you have….

A felted bag.

Redefined 001Redefined 002

A very nice Ken’s Dulaan Hat inspired felted bag, for hanging on my knitting basket and storing notions.

Because really, I wouldn’t knit two hats that were too small in the same week.    I wouldn’t.


3 thoughts on “Success through redefinition.

  1. Hi Anna! I received your SP9 package today and I absolutely LOVE it!. Thank you so much! You have been such a great swap partner. Can I just say how much I love the pink needle holder with the butterfly. You really went out of your way to send things that I love and I really appreciate it! Dee

  2. Dee,

    I’m so glad you liked it all! It was fun to put together. I hope my little poem clues were entertaining in between packages! Were you able to find me before the reveal with them??


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