The State of the Knitting Basket Address

I am pleased to give you this state of the knitting basket address.

On the Needles

The knitting basket contains eight different things on the needles. Eight is too many, in my humble opinion. Clearly, this administration needs to dedicate a little more time towards finishing things.

Up first we have this:

StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 006StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 016StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 030

Tesselating fish, being knit in Mission Falls 1824 superwash worsted. 2 down, 148 to go.

Next – striped hat redux:

StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 002

This time in Galway worsted.

And the Red Scarf project, ongoing:
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 009
I will keep knitting red scarves out of this yarn until I run out, and come next January I will mail them all off. This year I sent two scarves.

There is also this – a small lace scarf of my own design:
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 011
This is the oldest WIP – I started it last August.

Also in lace we have the SnowDrop Shawl:

StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 013StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 017

And it’s second skein of yarn – 800 yards. I’m not knitting on this very much because if I knit on it, I’ll use up the ball of yarn I wound and have to wind the other ball. And the thought of winding another 800 yard skein by hand is just a little intimidating.

More lace scarf, this time in red:
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 007
Because I tried convincing myself that those two bitty 20 gram skeins would be enough to make a shawl — but even I can only be persuaded so far. Scarf it is!

And then there is this. Proof that I, as a knitter, have reached some sort of watershed in my attitudes about fiber. This, dear readers, I am knitting because *I do not like the yarn*.
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 003
And in my avid distaste of this yarn sitting sullenly in my knitting basket, I decided I’d better knit something out of it to use it up. It’s k1, p1 ribbing, and who knows what it will end up as. A shrug maybe? A doll blanket?

Also on the needles, but not pictured here, Silvanus. Silvanus is nearly complete, needing only seaming, a handle, and then to be felted.

In the Stash

While technically my stash has moved and no longer lives in the knitting basket, I do not feel it reasonable to issue this State of the Knitting Basket Address without discussing my stash. It may be a small stash, but it is mine, and I like it.

First up, cottons:
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 025
I have a lot of cotton, mostly worsted weight, out of which I knit dish cloths. I like dishcloths, I use them regularly, and theoretically they make nice quick gifts. Given that the only gift dishcloths I have ever given got given a month late, I am iffy on the “nice quick gift” theory. Also present – one well used ball of #10 cotton. I make mesh bags out of this.

Next up – odds and ends. All the little balls of yarn left over from stuff that I have already knit. There’s lots of this.
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 024
The heritage yarn counts here, because I have no idea what yardage it is, and I do know it is left over from knitting. It could be a full ball… but I doubt it.

Which brings us too full skeins/balls. Not so many of these.
StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 031StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 030StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 028StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 021StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 017StateoftheKnittingBasket1-28-07 020

And half of them are already designated for projects – the blue Mission Falls will be fish, the white Telemark is for Silvanus (but I don’t think I’ll need it at this point), and the white laceweight is Snowdrop.

So… my over all stash is lots of odd balls, and three skeins of yarn. Not too shabby, really. I am clearly avoiding letting random yarn purchases take over my home. As evidenced by my eight works in progress, I am letting non-random yarn purchases take over instead.

And that, dear readers, is the state of my knitting basket.


2 thoughts on “The State of the Knitting Basket Address

  1. I think you can sum up your state of the basket as: ambitious, energetic, and optimistic.

    I’m making a tesselating fish blanket too. It was supposed to be for younger son, but I suspect by the time I finish it–including the extensive seaming–it’ll be for a grandchild instead. But it is easy work.

  2. I’m thinking of seaming as I go along – every ten fish or so, sitting down and working them into a strip. Then I’ll have strips to seam, which should be a little easier to face then a massive school of wooly fishies.

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