Silvanus back – done.

I wonder if I should add an AFO (almost finished object) category, for when I finish parts of things, like this.

The back of Silvanus – lots and lots of plain stockinette. It seems to have come out slightly wider then the front piece, due I think to my inexperience with colorwork, and the way the edges of the motif on the front are sort of cupping. Betcha my gauge is off over the motif and is pulling it in.


It’s spot on for length though, which I am a little proud of. I remembered a passage in my knitting book saying something about plain stockinette working longer then colorwork, and checked the length of the halves against each other when I was getting close to the end of the recommended rows. Thus I was able to stop knitting when the pieces were the same length, and not have to rip back 5 rows – the pattern calls for 77 rows between borders, but I got the right length with 72.

Tomorrow I’ll seam these, and decide what I am doing about the handle – I’m thinking of adapting the border motif to run along the handle.

And on a note of coolness, peek back at my first Silvanus entry, and check who posted!


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