Silvanus – update.


Doesn’t my counter look a little like a grinning frog to you? Note the six rows completed. Only 70 more to go before the next border. Ha!

For some reason, when I carry yarn in both hands for fairisle, I end up with what ever stitches I am carrying in the left hand (continental style) knitting twisted. I can’t figure it out.


6 thoughts on “Silvanus – update.

  1. Your counter does look like a frog. Cute. Are you wrapping your yarn differently when you use your left hand? That could be the problem.

    I like the slippers for your little girl and even better that she will wear them. Your husband sounds like a real sweetheart.

  2. Okay, here is a US source for the counter:

    I must be wrapping my yarn differently, or I wouldn’t be getting the twisted stitches — they don’t really stand out too much, and Silvanus will be felted anyways, so I’m not worrying about it right now — I’ve just been unable to figure how to catch the yarn so it doesn’t twist.

    Frustrating. I need to learn the continental style better.

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