Squares Slippers – done!

The squares slippers for the Bee are done. She is very happy with them, and says they are “tee-rific”. And she is actually wearing them! Score 1 for handknits. That brings the current score to : Bee 3, handknits 1. Three being the number of other things knit for this child (all at her request) that she will not wear.

Squares 001

The pattern is from the Frugal Knitting Haus, and is so simple it’s not even really a pattern. Knit lots of little garter stitch squares (size based on the size of the foot they should go on – these ones were 2 3/4 inches), and sew them together.

These were knit on size 8 needles, in Cascade Quattro left over from the Candy Cane Scarf, and some hot pink australian wool purchased for me by my husband when I needed a quick knitting fix while waiting for a table at a restaurant one Friday evening.

Note – my husband loves me enough to leave the cozy restaurant, and trek across the street to the mini mall and buy me yarn and needles, just so I have something to do while we wait for a table. He’s the best.

**EDIT 10-5-07 **  Frugal Knitting Haus is no longer offering free patterns,  and so my links don’t work.    Sorry.   If you want tips or help with this pattern,  just email me – greensoulATgmail(dotgoeshere)com

**EDIT 7-27-09**   The pattern link works again.

**EDIT 4-20-12** Fixed the pattern link.


4 thoughts on “Squares Slippers – done!

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  2. I note that this post has been emailed – I’m glad y’all like it! The link ‘squares slippers’ is the one that goes direct to the pattern.

    So – who are you?

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