Dear Random Searchers

To “food makes me happy” – me too.  We should get together for lunch sometime – there’s a great diner near here.

I’m afraid I don’t know what “julie andrews favorite tea company” is,  nor even that she was a tea drinker.   If you are looking for good tea,  and not just trying to win at trivia,  my favorite tea company is Adagio Teas.

I do not know what the “ohio culling daily catch” , or even what it refers too.  Most  search engines show you the name of the site,  as well as a sentence or two from it in the search results.   Are you a knitter who just got distracted?    Because I cannot fathom what on my knitting blog could have compelled you think I would have (hidden in the sidebar perhaps?) information about the “ohio culling daily catch”.


4 thoughts on “Dear Random Searchers

  1. I don’t know about cool — but I do get some weird searches some times. *lol* I noticed you lived in the Akron area — I’m in Canton. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime on the local knitting scene!

  2. Hi, I haven’t received my recipes yet from you for the stew and soup swap. Are they on their way? I had to rate you a 1 for now. If and when I get them, I’ll rerate you. Thanks!

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