Calorimetry + Koigu = Done.

KoiguCalorimetry 001

What can I say? This is fun to knit. I used considerably less the the whole skein of yarn in this, but more then half – so I don’t think I can squeeze a second one out of it. Unless I knit it for a doll, maybe. Size four needles – I got a stockinette gauge of 24 sts/4″ on the size fours, and it worked about perfectly. This edition of Calorimetry fits nice and snugly, and is not too wide. It still looks a little wider then the designer’s model to me — either I have a funny head, or she got a different row gauge.

This is the first time I’ve knit with Koigu, and it’s an interesting yarn. As always, I love how the colors look in the skein, and am less thrilled with them knit. They are wonderful enough colours, fortunately, so that the knit version is not so unthrilling I need to rip it out. The yarn itself is… different. It’s a merino crepe, and has a very very smooth feel in the hand. It’s plied so that it looks almost like a tube braided yarn, and it feels almost like cotton in the hand — as if cotton had cross bred with elastic and then been polished. It was very nice to knit with.

As you can see this photo is pretty blue too. I didn’t bother to color correct it though.


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