This isn’t stash yarn either. This is Calorimetry.


Or will be, by the end of the day. I have been wearing the Calorimetry that I knit, and I like it alot – but it’s just a little too large. So I’m making another one. This time, instead of a worsted weight I’m using using a DK weight.

And I’m paying attention to yarn and gauge. The original pattern calls for Filatura di Crosa 127 Print, which is an on the heavy side worsted weight yarn – 93 yards to 50 grams. According to Yarndex (all praise the wonder that is Yarndex) 127 Print should knit up at 18st/4″ on size 7 or 8 needles. In the pattern, Kathryn calls for a gauge of 20st/4″, in 2×2 ribbing lightly stretched. Which is, frankly, a weird kind of a gauge to be calling for. Just how stretched is “lightly stretched.”? It’s also a tighter gauge then is suggested for the yarn.

In my first Calorimetry, I just grabbed my skein and a pair of size 8’s, and went to town. Wool of the Andes is also a worsted weight yarn, but it’s a slightly lighter yarn – 110 yards to 50 grams, and it’s recommended gauge is 20 st/4″ on size 8 or 9 needles. I’m betting that if I had followed Kathryn’s *proportion* – and adjusted the gauge down from 20 st/4″ to 22 st/4″ by dropping my needle size I would have gotten a model a lot closer to hers.

What I’ve got now is Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe (sorry, yarndex doesn’t have it, just the regular Koigu) – it’s a DK/light worsted weight wool, coming it at 114 yards per 50 grams, with a recommended gauge of 22st/4″ on size 6 needles. I’m going to swatch for it (in stockinette, none of this “ribbing lightly stretched” befuzzlement) and aim for a gauge of 24st/4″ — this follows the tighter proportion which I know Kathryn used, and means I will probably be knitting with a size four or five needle.

Pic note/full disclosure:  This picture is color edited so that it will look on screen how it looks in person (to me – YMMV)  My original photo was drastically bluer then the yarn actually is, so I tweaked up the red and the saturation a little bit.


2 thoughts on “This isn’t stash yarn either. This is Calorimetry.

  1. I was thinking of making Calorimetry and was wondering if in your experience with making this pattern if it would work for someone who had short hair? I can wear hats, but I have a couple bits of stash yarn that are too small for hats but should work for this.

  2. Seanna,

    I think it would work fine with short hair – it just might be a little chillier, since the long hair insulates the back of my head when it’s all sort of pushed back when I wear my Calorimetry. You might actually find that one of the larger versions of this is warmer for you.

    Link back and let me know if you knit it! I’d love to see.


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