Knitters vs. Bankers

Update: Blue Moon is not sharing the name of the bank on the advice of their lawyers. While I understand and share the wish to express displeasure to the bank by moving accounts/writing nasty letters/writing nice letters/sending socks/writing letters explaining why you aren’t sending them socks/knitting in the lobby in silent protest – I have to say – please don’t mess things up for Blue Moon legally by outing the bank in question.

At the request of Stephanie, I am doing my bit to spread this around.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the folks who bring us Socks That Rock sock yarn, and the Sock Club, have been f**ked over by their bank. The bank decided that a sock of the month club was an un-believeable idea, and that Blue Moon must be ripping off all these people who were paying to sign up for it. So the bank – without apparently bothering to oh say, research, the matter – canceled all the Sock Club orders, and rescinded Blue Moon’s ability to accept credit cards.

Stephanie has the full story here: Freakin’ Muggles

Please do one or more of the following, as you like:

  • Share this story on your blog, with a link back to Stephanie’s story, and a link to Blue Moon.
  • Let the media know – particularly if you live in the Pacific northwest. NPR accepts story submissions here: How to Suggest a Story Idea
  • Link to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and encourage other knitters to show their support for them with an order. I have.
  • Show your support for Blue Moon by ordering something from them. May I suggest sock yarn?

6 thoughts on “Knitters vs. Bankers

  1. They NEED to say which bank it was. That way every single knitter who reads what happens to them who has accounts in that bank and its other branches can choose whether or not to remain a customer.

    If I knew it was MY bank, I’d drop them like a rock. Or at least write a response letter to the bank executive.

    If we don’t know which bank it is, they’ll just keep on ignoring women as sound businesses to invest in.

  2. Mamid – I agree that I would like to know the name of the bank, especially if it is a national bank which I might be doing business with. I am sure that once whatever legal action Blue Moon is taking is settled, they – or one of their many perturbed customers – will out the bank.

    And of course, if sufficient interest is generated in the media for this story to make it out of the blogosphere and into the mainstream news, the name of the bank will certainly be publicized.

  3. I am browsing midwest knitting blogs and happened upon yours and this midevil ban women’s work by the big boys subject…Who is the bank?
    I live in the pnw and want to encourage fibre arts and those who encourage fibre arts.
    vote with your pocketbook….Who is the bank?

  4. Some banks have gone multinational and I don’t want to think that my meager money is supporting the same people who hurt such a small business – something like what I might want to do in 5 years when the baby’s grown a bit.

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