BIW, Jan 07 – day 1

760 words – 3 pages. My goal for this week is 14 pages, so I am off to a good start.

My writing was on the prompt that our list moderator gave us – it was a good prompt, and what I wrote was insightful and helpful to me. I think that what I am going to try and do over all this year with BIW is use the time to write something I don’t care about — I think it will be easier to meet my page and word count goals if what I am working on is not something I am deeply invested in.

Investment is good for quality, bad for quantity for me — I get nervous about committing words to paper that might turn out to be less then the quality I want, and so I end up not writing at all.


One thought on “BIW, Jan 07 – day 1

  1. I just copied the Snowflake guideline (again…) – I’m glad you have it bookmarked, since I think I have a block against it. That would, unfortunately, make sense.

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