My stash has moved.

Into it’s just finished new home, this great knitted mesh bag. This is my second go at Judy Gibson’s pattern for a Turkish Stitch String Bag, and I did a bit better at actually following her pattern this time around. Muddled it up a little bit in binding off and doing the handles, but nothing so great as you’d notice it. I love the way that the varigation in the cotton turns in to stripes on the handle of the bag. This is the grown up sister of the mesh bag in bamboo I finished back in August.

I really like this bag pattern a lot, and will probably knit more of these — I think it would make a great shopping bag, knit in something a little more sturdy then the #10 cotton I used in this one, and knit smaller in a glossy yarn, it makes a very decorative bag, and I want another one like that, without the multitude of errors that plague the bamboo variation I knit first.

This is the bag, and a close up of the change at the handle — I was supposed to bind off 30, and work the handle over 15, but I bound off 15, worked the handle over 30, decreased it to 15, then increased it back to 30 on the opposite side. It gives it a nice curvy shape at the join, I suppose.

Knitting 099Knitting 102

And here she is serving her intended purpose as home to my stash! As you can see, this version is just as stretchy as the first that I knit. That’s about 25 balls of yarn in there, of various sizes.

Knitting 104Knitting 110

This was knit in #10 cotton thread, on a size 13 circular of ungodly length (way more then 16″ – it measures 25″ in just the cable, plus however long the needles are).


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