Dear Random Searchers…

I am sorry your tomatoes have blue leaves.    This is usually due to cold temperatures or mineral deficiencies — I’ve had success with putting cloches over seedlings that have gone blue on me (in cases where I’ve put them out too early),  and with using a liquid fish stuff fertilizer on larger plants.    On the upside – I’ve never noticed having the blues to affect my tomato plants or harvest.  It just looks weird.

Flylady is great,  and there is a very nice Flylady chat hosted at iVillage here : Flybaby message board. 

To whomever was looking for sandalwood needle cases — if you find out where you can get one, let me know!   I love sandalwood,  and a sandalwood needle case would be very very cool.

Regarding the waterman pen nib that broke — I am so sorry.   Waterman pens usually have good warranties,  and the folks at Waterman may be able to help you out.  Failing that,  Fountain Pen Hospital would be the next place I’d check.

And to whoever was searching for “things only God knows about me -Kid Roc” — how the dickens did you end up here????


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