Serendipity – blocking.

Serendipity is off the needles, and blocking.   Pre-blocking it measured 49 inches,   but I’m going for vertical interest here,  so I’m blocking it long,  and I think it will gain a good deal of length.

I have a sneaking suspicion that blocking this is going to do a *lot* for the yarn –  some yarns, they don’t change so much,  but this one I think will.  I gave it a full immersion soak – 20 minutes in ice cold water with the wool-wash I use, and then two careful rinses.  Even with the icey water it bled a lot of dye.    Then I pressed out as much water as I could,  and hung it up on a hanger to dry.   It’s hung from the middle,  because I want the ends to match, and have a nice wide shape to them – sort of like the bottom of bell bottom jeans, except flat.  Normally I wouldn’t hang any knit wet,  but I want this one to stretch long,  and hanging is the perfect way to do it.

It looks really nice – I’ll measure it when it’s dry, and get some photos then.


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