Good Fortune

This is Good Fortune swatched, and on the needles – a red red shawl being knit out of that delicious mohair/silk that my secret pal sent me! I think that two skeins will be enough – if not, I’ll turn to the power of google for enough to finish it.

Knitting 078Knitting 082

I cast this on today, to play with the mohair/silk and see what it was like. So far I have learned that 1 – mohair yarn does not frog, and that 2 – working with this yarn is a little like trying to knit with a cloud wrapped around a sewing thread.  The pattern is pretty straight forward — starting with 3 stitches on the needle,  I increase on each side of the center stitch, and one in from each selvedge stitch.  I am doing this in stockinette,  because I think the yarn looks best in stockinette.

The Swatch
Knitting 068

The observant among you may note that this does not at all resemble the comfort-me-after-dental-surgery knitting that I had planned to do with Serendipity. This is because I ended up not having dental surgery today.

Instead, I had a vehicular mishap involving a small hill, a traffic light and brakes that suddenly decided that stopping the vehicle was no longer on their list of things to do.

We were very lucky – we made it through the red light without getting hit by on coming traffic, and we were right by a gas station that we were able to pull into and get stopped without too much trouble. The folks at the gas station were not weirded out by our luddite cell-phone free-ness, and let us use their phone to call the auto-shop and the tow truck, and the dental office to let them know I would not be making my scheduled appearance.

And to top it all, the brakes went out within a block of the rental place, so we were able to re-car and be on our way to the auto-shop within about an hour. No one was hurt, everything was as convenient as you can expect a sudden auto emergency to be, and I didn’t have to have go to the dentist!


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