2007 goals for BIW

  1. Write one poem a week.
  2. Read one book by a new author each week.
  3. Finish my snowflake for daBook.
  4. Participate in 10 out of 12 BIW weeks this year.

Really sort of a mixed bag of goals this year, but they do address my major needs as a writer right now — I need to be reading more, and reading a wider variety of stuff, not just the same old handful of authors,   and I need to develop my poetry craftsmanship, so that when I do get those lightning strikes of inspiration I can use them effectively.


One thought on “2007 goals for BIW

  1. It’s great to see you talking about reading. Sometimes writers seem to think they should isolate themselves from the world of literature. I tend to think the opposite–reading widely and reading good work really fires up my creativity, and not in a plagiaristic way at all.

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