The year in preview, and a New Year’s challenge.

Knitting:   I’ve got a lot of stuff on the needles that I would like to finish, and I would like to make some progress towards The Cardigan,  such as oh, say,  finding a pattern for it.

Writing:  I want to finish the prep work for daBook,  and start on the first draft of it.  I’d like to be more diligent about participating in BIW, and do better with NaNo this year.  Ideally, I’d like to get my act together enough to have more submissions this year.  Last year was pretty wimpy.

Other News:  My stash diet is trudging along slowly,  and I sort of want to pick up the pace on it.  Move from a trudge to something like a ramble, maybe.

My New Year’s challenge.  Mostly too myself,  but feel free to join in as you like.    I want to start and finish one charity knit project each month this year – a hat, a scarf, afghan square,  what have you.    Charity knits are usually small pieces,  and this should be a very do-able goal.


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