The year in review, and a New Year’s Eve challenge.

Finished Objects: 22 – 7 hats, 4 scarves, an afghan square, a sock, 4 dishcloths, 2 shawls, a lace headkerchief, a mesh bag, and a stuffed bunny.

Finished Manuscripts: 2 – short stories Simple Man and Untouchable.

Submissions: 1 – Untouchable.

Publications: 1 – Untouchable. This won first prize in the little contest I wrote it for, and was published on the web.

NaNoWriMo? Yes.

NaNoWriMo winner? No.

And that was 2007 in yarn and words.

Now for my New Years Eve challenge. This is mostly to myself, but feel free to join in if you like and are reading this on the 31st.

This is a Red Scarf – it is 15 inches along, and needs to be 60 inches long. I am going to visit my inlaws for New Year’s Eve getting together, and will take this with me.

Knitting 052

In the next 6 hours and 20 minutes (I’m writing this at 5:40pm EST), I am going to try and finish this scarf.


3 thoughts on “The year in review, and a New Year’s Eve challenge.

  1. Oooeeoo, we must be in the same Twilight Zone as I’m vaguely hoping to finish up my niece’s Wavy scarf (and it’s not even a whole Wavy but a pared down version for ten-year-old size people). Good luck with yours!

  2. Go on with your bad self. I just started a Red Scarf (navy actually) myself. Best of luck. Seeing as I’m a new knitter, I will graciously decline the challenge at this time. 🙂

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