Dear Random Searchers.

I do not have free patterns for dishcloths with bugs, dishcloths with candycanes or hats knit in bulky yarns. I am sorry – I suggest Knitting Pattern Central, which has free knitting patterns for almost everything.

I also do not have the tessalating fish pattern – Iris does, here: Iris’ Blog.

Yes, I used to live in Natick, Massachusetts. No, I do not know where a yarn store is there.


5 thoughts on “Dear Random Searchers.

  1. WordPress has a little section in my blogstats that lets me see the past ten searchs that have brought people to my blog – it’s pretty cool.

    A few months back, I posted a chicken casserole recipe, and for about a week afterwards I had lots of visitors looking for knitted chickens, and chicken knitting, and such not. It was a trip!

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