This is Serendipity:

Knitting 012

Serendipity is being knit in the Burly Spun that Chris sent me in the Knit-Flix swap. This was a hard yarn to find a pattern for – I think I must have tried about 17 different patterns before this one.

This pattern is my “adaptation” of the Harlot’s One Row scarf pattern. I was trying this yarn as a garter stitch scarf, and not liking it very much but liking it better then anything else I’d tried, and it occured to me that the One Row pattern might look good on it. I cruised over to Stephanie’s website, took a quick look at the pattern to refresh my memory, jotted it down in my personal shorthand, and whisked myself off to frog the garter stitch scarf attempt, and cast on again.

And it didn’t work. Failed utterly and completely. Looked nothing at all like my previous version of her scarf – the pattern was just not working. Now, a normal sane person would think “I must have copied it wrong” and doublechecked it. Not me. I got the “I must have copied it wrong” part thought correctly, and instead of double checking it I pulled out graph paper and very carefully charted the stitches out, and re-arranged them until I “got it right”, and it looked right when I was knitting it.

Here is the pattern as I am knitting it:

*p1, k2, k1 into the back of the next stitch, repeat from star.

Please compare with Stephanie’s original pattern, which is:

*knit 2, knit into the back of the next stitch, purl 1. Repeat from * till there are 2 stitches left. Knit 2.

When I copied it down, I missed everything after “repeat from *”. That k2 at the end? Gone.

But it looks really really good on this yarn — better then I can photograph it really.  The lines of twisted stitches add a very strong vertical interest,  which accent the bold colors of this yarn very very well.    And the sevedge is really nice – part of what I had been struggling with was getting a good looking selvedge on this yarn.

Check this selvedge – the whole purl/twisted thing looks great:

Knitting 014


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