Red Scarf Project 2007 Redux

You are not having deja vu -this is a cheater post – I originally posted this back in October, and rather then write another post that would be virtually the same, I’ve just tweaked the time stamp.

Along with this post goes this yarn, fresh from Joanne’s:
Knitting 043

When I went to college I was still living at home – when I moved out in my second year, I lived in the same town as my parents. I went home for laundry, for birthdays, for family events.

For the college bound young men and women in foster care, it’s another story entirely. Could you have made it through your first year of college with no home but your dorm room? What would that first holiday season be like, with no family to go back to?

The Orphan Foundation of America is dedicated to helping teens in foster care transition into adult hood. Among their support and outreach programs is one of particular interest to knitters and other fiber crafters – the Red Scarf Project. The OFA would like to give each of the college bound teens they work with a Valentine’s Day care package, and they would like to put a handmade red scarf in every care package.
Norma hosts the Red Scarf Project Blog – check it out for great buttons, scarf patterns, a gallery of finished scarves (inspirational!) and a nifty little contest.

Here is my formula for a simple ribbed scarf:

Cast on 40 stitches in a worsted weight yarn – size 8 needles.

K2, p2 across each row until desired length is reached. Bind off.
40 stitches gives me about a five inch width – cast on additional stitches by fours to increase the width as you like.

The OFA will accept donated red scarves between January 1st and January 31st. Send your donation to:

Orphan Foundation of America

Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive, Unit 130
Sterling, VA 20166




2 thoughts on “Red Scarf Project 2007 Redux

  1. The Red Scarf Project is so wonderful that I enticed people I work with to join, too. We’ll have a nice box of scarves to send next month! I’m on my third. Incidentally, one of mine is the Harlot’s pattern – the original… – but I like your selvedges much better!

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