In other news.

I didn’t complete NaNoWriMo this year –  I wrote 1400 words before my lack of planning and bad luck (darned tooth) caught up with me.   Note to self – embarking on major projects while sedated and/or on vacation does not work.

Silvanus is humming along – I’m almost done with the chart for the front of the bag, and will take a picture of it when I am and show it off.    I had forgotten how much fun stranded knitting can be!

And for everyone who keeps coming here via searches for “felted mug cozy” or variations thereof — I really did make one,  I just haven’t finished putting the buttons on it to hold it onto the mug.   Y’all are inspiring me to finish this, what with all this blogstats pestering.  😉

Holiday knitting is coming along slowly slowly.  Partly because I have allowed my self to become distracted with other things (darned tooth, darned Silvanus), and partly because the pattern I am using manages to be both finicky and boring.  How is that possible?  On the other hands, these things knit up quickly if I can just make myself sit down and do it.  I foresee a lot of movie watching in the next few days to finish these up.   Maybe I’ll undertake the fantasy lovers marathon, and try and watch all three LOTR movies in one day.  (Special long release versions, naturally.)    I could take the air popper and a pound of popcorn up stairs,  eat nothing but popcorn and watch movies and knit all day long.


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