Aspirational Meme

From Melanie at Tea Leaves.
What part of the past would you bring back if you possibly could?
My past? Dating my husband. We had the best dates, and the best time just hanging out being boyfriend/girlfriend together.

The past as the grand play of history? The Globe Theatre, complete with actors and writers. I would love to see the original Lear.

What character trait would you alter if you could?
My difficulty finishing things I start. I’m a great starter – not such a great finisher.

Which skill would you like to have the time and energy to really work on?
Baking. I’m a fair baker, but this amazing artisan bakery opened up here recently, and their bread is much better then what I can make 9 times out of 10. That tenth time, I’ll stand my loaves up against theirs any day of the week. I wish I could up that percentage.

Are you money poor, love poor, time poor, or freedom poor?
None of the above.

What element of your partner’s character would you alter if you could?
His lack of self confidence. He’s this smart, funny, loving, all around great guy, and I wish he felt more comfortable in his own skin.

What three things are you going to do next year that you’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to?

Oh gosh, I don’t know. Set up my garden as a potager for year round, instead of just a harvest garden, I’m pretty sure I’ll do that. And can things again – I haven’t canned in several years, and I miss the little *ping* of success. I can’t really think of anything else.

If your fairy godmother gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
Not to suffer from depression, to hike the AT, and to be able to afford all the kitchen goodies I want (like subzero refrigerators and Le Creuset cookware).

What one thing would you change about your living conditions?
The carpet. I’d rather have hardwood floors.

How could the quality of your free time be improved?
Um, I could have some? *laughing* I’d like to get out of the house more, to be able to sit in the coffee shop or the cafe and read and drink tea on my own.

What change have you made to your life recently that you’re most proud of?
What a profoundly personal question that is for me. There have been several things recently that I am very proud I’ve been able to accomplish, but they are not things I am comfortable blogging about.

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3 thoughts on “Aspirational Meme

  1. Wonderful answers, Anna! Your priorities are so clear. You and I answered similarly for our husbands – anxiety and confidence – why don’t they know what a toll anxiety takes on their energies?

    By the way, when you have your bakery, I’ll have a seedless rye or a pumpernickel with raisins…

  2. I LOVE your answers. Knitting, cooking, reading, eating … they’re right up there at the top of my list of favorites. I’m so lucky that my DH loves to eat as much as I enjoy cooking for him. 🙂
    I just ran across your blog and I spotted your Crochet mash bag. It’s exactly like one I made as a kid and I can’f find my old pattern. Could I possibly impose upon you to request the pattern? Please? I’d be grateful and if I can return the favor I certaily will.

    from San Diego, CA

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