In which I am brought low by drug use.

Here’s where things stand.

It’s November 7th – Election Day. So far my NaNo manuscript has got 1500 words in it.

Which is more then it would have if this weren’t NaNoWriMo, but less then it should have to be on track.

I am up and around and on my feet again, after having spent the past several days in a deep haze of pain, anti-biotics, and not-very effective Vicodin. That stuff may be the bomb for post surgery pain, but it met its match in this toothache.

The anti-biotics are doing their good work though, and things are now back down to levels of discomfort manageable with ibuprofen and naproxen, which is good. While I can’t vouch for the pain control qualities of Vicodin, I can certainly testify to it’s ability to turn one’s brain to mush and completely destroy the users ability to think and type at the same time. Or think and knit at the same time. Or think at all. Or knit at all. I cannot report on attempts to just type, as I didn’t make any.

Which just leaves the endodontist on Thursday, and whatever dental torments await after his verdict.

My house is also a mess — this is what happens when my Super-Mom/Housewife routine gets disrupted by such things as illness.


I need to write.

And I need to clean.

And since it’s Election Day, I want to keep an eye on the returns this evening and be able to gloat/mourn as appropriate.

Here’s the plan: Clean a bit. Write a bit. Alternate until about 9pm, with intermitant breaks as needed to parent, cook, and knit.


4 thoughts on “In which I am brought low by drug use.

  1. I’m at 1400 words for Nano and virtually no knitting done too through various ailments – don’t give in! It still has to be do-able.
    Hope things go well on Thursday.

  2. I have about 900 words, and I have no excuse! But it’s still early, yes? Sorry about the circumstances, and I hope you weren’t too freaked out by some of the election returns. (I’m generally happy, but a little freaked – )

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