Dental Irony

Having a toothache is bad.

Having a toothache start the day before you leave for Halloween vacation is bad.

Not getting to eat any Halloween candy because you have a toothache is bad.

Having your toothache get worse even though you haven’t eaten any Halloween candy is bad.

Finding out from your dentist when you finally visit after your Halloween-candy-free Halloween vacation that you probably need a root canal is bad.

Getting to the desk to collect your prescriptions and finding out you have a bill to pay is bad.

Needing to schedule a root canal during NaNoWriMo is Very Bad.

Having to move aside a fundraiser box filled with Halloween chocolate bars and candies to have room to write the check for the bill you discovered after visiting your dentist for a toothache that you’ve had for a week and which you – like an obedient dental zombie – avoided eating Halloween candy on your Halloween vacation for is irony.


4 thoughts on “Dental Irony

  1. Yuck, too bad about the naughty tooth. I am the kind of dental patient who has to get all hopped up on Valium just to set foot in a dentist office and I didn’t find my one of my root canals too bad. The other wasn’t good, but I think that was more the dentist than the root canal. She was not a nice person.

    I am working on a little parcel to send out your way. I need to put some stuff that smells in there so it will hopefully disguise the little cutting and keep any dogs confused.

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