Fear of Research

I’ve been working on my snowflake for NaNo, and coming to grips with why I set this project aside in the first place.

I’m a detail oriented person,  and I’m afraid of getting stuff wrong.  I’m also afraid of  doing too much research, and overwhelming my writing with needless detail padding.

NaNo is going to force me to write with minimal research – there won’t be the time to spare to be getting to in depth,  and that is going to be very good for me.

And I keep telling myself – it’s only a book, it’s only a book.

If I mess it up – I can always re-write.


2 thoughts on “Fear of Research

  1. Yep, get it written. It doesn’t matter if the facts are wrong – you can sort those out later on in the edit, after November. For really key things the experts forum on the Nano boards should help, and there’s always wikipedia, but I find it dangerous to go there – I can lose myself for hours and get nothing written.

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