November is coming, November is coming!

And with November, NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. The challenge: write a 5o,000 word novel in 30 days. Not going crazy trying is optional.

I have an outline/plan well underway for what I want to write in November – I’ll finish that off this month, and be ready to start November 1st.


6 thoughts on “November is coming, November is coming!

  1. I’m putting together a list of prompts for the nano I hope to do – I’d like to cheat and work on last year’s nano, but I read some of the Official Book, and it cautioned against writing anything you’re already invested in. (Clumsy sentence, yes? Because of nano, I won’t edit it – )

  2. How can you write something you’re not invested in? 😐
    I’ve got one idea partially snowflaked, and have a couple other ideas that I might try something with. I haven’t decided which to work with yet.

  3. Good luck with NANO. I know people locally who do it and they go insane that month! But I do think they enjoy it and the product they come up with. I’ll be rooting for you or something like that…

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