Experiments in Felt – Part 2

Here is my swatch after one run through the washing machine, with a slightly longer then usual agitation cycle (I let it agitate, then stopped it and set it back to the beginning to agitate longer). It’s felted pretty well, but the stitch definition is still very clear — more clear in the photos then it is in person. The size has shrunk from 10×20 inches to 9×12 inches – slightly smaller then my lasagne pan. There are a couple of areas where I can feel small patches that haven’t felted as thoroughly as the rest of it – I think those may be the areas were the yarn twisted up more as I knit.

FElt2 005FElt2 001

I pretty happy with how this has come out – I may throw it in for another run through the wash cycle, to see if I can get it to felt up more, and maybe lose the stitch definition completely. I may just have knit it too tightly to felt well – though what exactly I can do about that I’m not sure. At four sizes above the recommended needle for gauge, I was still knitting tightly according to my gauge measure!


3 thoughts on “Experiments in Felt – Part 2

  1. I reckon that another go in the wash will get rid of that stitch definition – but also, it will shrink more too. Knitting at the right sort of gauge is something that comes with practice and a bit of experience with the yarn – they all have different felting reactions. [Isn’t it remarkable how felt will shrink so much more in one direction than another! Whenever I felt stuff, I end up with a knitted about that is about double as long as I need, but only a little wider.]

    You have knitted with a really super yarn – the colourway is so lovely.

  2. The yarn is really gorgeous! I think I’ll give this piece another trip through the washer tomorrow, and take another measurement of it. Lengthwise, it’s pretty much spot on for what I want – it’s just still too wide.

    Once I have tomorrow’s measurements, I’ll knit another piece to felt for this project, I think, and see about using this swatch for something else – I’m trying to make a little 4×10 inch piece to make a mug cozy!

  3. Everything loses more height than width in felting. Really really hot water helps a lot, then shocking the yarn with cold, then back to the hot. Hot water that would burn kinda hot.

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