A knitter’s dilemma.

Imagine – you’ve spent a leisurely day out on the town taking care of errands, picking up goodies to send off to your secret pal in the Knitter’s Tea Swap, and generally being a lady about town — knowing how busy you would be and not anticipating any down time, you have not taken along a portable knitting project, and being an inveterate finisher of things, there isn’t an emergency knitting project stashed in the glove compartment (see previous post on Coronet).

Towards the end of the day, your eternally patient husband suggests eating out, and you stop of at a local steakhouse (for theory’s sake, let’s say it is the OutBack Steakhouse), where you discover that you are facing a 30-40 minute wait before you’ll be seated.

30-40 minutes, and nothing to knit.

Would you:

A. Sigh, but realize what a wonderful day you’ve had and how this is a nice ending to it, and not worry about it further?

B. Grumble and gripe about it throughout the meal?

C. Attempt to persuade yourself that the size 17 needles in the car (for a felting project) would work well with the worsted weight superwash in the car (for an afghan square for KTC)?

D. Ask your eternally patient husband to pop over to the craft shop on the other side of the strip mall from the steakhouse, and pick up a pair of size 8’s for you (thinking about that afghan square), thus ensuring that when the wait is only 15 minutes, he will not be there to be seated and will have to wander through the restaurant in search of you when he gets back?

This is how much of a simple stocking cap you can knit between courses if you selected option D:

Aussie 007

Please note the hot pink yarn — my eternally patient husband’s very minor poke back at me. He knew that in the dimness of the restaurant I wouldn’t be able to see what colour it truly was, and would think him wonderful and sweet for picking me up a skein of yarn to play with (which I do!).

And just to ice the cake, look at what this yarn is:

Aussie 004


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