The Sock

As promised, here are the sock pictures. This sock was knit out of worsted weight Red Heart Multi-coloured Acrylic (the artists paint colourway). I think it was on size 2 needles? I’m not sure. It’s the largest size of the dpns that came in the little box set labeled ‘sock needles’.

All in all I guess it went well enough – I mean, I actually finished it without a single dip in the frog pond. On the other hand, it just wasn’t that fun. Possibly due to the worsted weight acrylic, possibly due to the need to force the needle back and forth so much that I got a bruise on my finger from it until I found a thimble.

This is the sock:

Sock 009

And a close up of the wonky toe:

Sock 010

And here is the heel – turning the heel was actually sort of entertaining.
Sock 012


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