On Not Writing

Book-In-A-Week is starting this coming Monday, and I am sitting it out.

I’ve enjoyed BIW the last two months that I’ve participated in it,  but it has had an unexpectedly negative consequence on my writing over all.  While I write well during the BIW week,  I find that I’ve lost the motivation to write any of the rest of time.  This bugs me.

So I am skipping BIW this month, and am going to re-focus on the daily writing.   I love the challenge aspect of BIW, and the group feel of it,  but I also need to be working every day.  I am sure there must be a good and effective way to merge BIW with my normal writing patterns,  but I haven’t figured it out yet, and I don’t want to lose any more daily time to it.

In other news,  I’m also going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year,  which I am looking foward to immensely.   I’ve got some planning in the works for the November book, and have high hopes for the project over all.


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