Knit the Classics – September – The Time Travellers Wife.

This is already one of my favorite books, so needless to say when it came up in the nominations for reading at KTC I was thrilled. I am looking greatly forward to reading this again (for the dozenth time) and plumbing it for knitting inspiration. I have a vague idea that I want to take some image from one of the paper studio scenes…. We’ll see.

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Note: I link to Amazon because I like their reviews and their summaries – please support your local independant bookseller!


4 thoughts on “Knit the Classics – September – The Time Travellers Wife.

  1. One of my very favorite books. I loved the twist on time travel; very unique approach. I first became aware of the book at an industry show in Los Angeles the summer the book was released. The publisher had a booth there and they were giving away the first chapter as a brochure. I was hooked just a few words into the piece, and preordered from Amazon then waited anxiously for the release. Lovely, lovely book … cool you love it too!


  2. i’m dying to get that book! even the title is enough to intrigue me. would you recommend buying it? i’m a student and books are pretty expensive where i come from…

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