Another Irish Hiking Scarf

Using yarn bought with my most recent stash diet money! Two skeins of Cascade Yarns Quatro, in this pretty candystripe pink colourway. It’s being knit into an Irish Hiking Scarf for the Bee, who loves pink and wanted a scarf ‘just like Daddy’s’.

Nice Yarn Another IHS

This is a softer yarn then the Lion Brand was, and the cables don’t pop as crisply,  but it is more pleasant to knit, and the Bee loves it.   I am planning on making this scarf shorter – 40- 45 inches, and hope to have enough yarn left to knit a matching ribbed hat for her.

Why I am knitting winter wear that will require handwashing for a six year old, I do not know.


One thought on “Another Irish Hiking Scarf

  1. You are knitting winter wear requiring handwashing for a six year old, I believe, because in between knitting a myriad of projects daily you need something more to do to keep you “busy”.

    Pretty pink colorway. The Bee is lucky.


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