Do the Mess Around

Right now I am messing around with swatches and socks.

A swatch for the potential log cabin afghan for Yule. I like the log cabin knitting well enough, though I think I will definitely switch over to holding the stitches live instead of binding them off – it’ll give a neater finish. And I need to swatch this again in multicolours, to see how I handle changing yarns in it, and to see how the live stitches scheme works.

Log Cabin Swatch

And the sock:


I have never knit a sock before. I have no pattern for knitting this sock – just a general section on ‘sock technique’ in the back of my knitting book, and a table of stitch counts. I’m sparing my sanity (a little) by making it an ankle sock, and by planning to only knit one.

Why only one?
I’m knitting it in worsted weight acrylic.


2 thoughts on “Do the Mess Around

  1. Definitely a practice sock! I actually want to knit a pair of slippers, but haven’t had any luck finding a slipper pattern I like – I’ve test run five or six I think.

    So I figured I’d experiment with the sock patterning, and maybe that would help me work up a decent slipper pattern. And it probably is a lead-in to “real” socks as well *lol*

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