Hear ye hear ye!

In honor and celebration of the illustrious Secret Mojo achieving enlightenment deciding it is time to learn to knit, I hereby vow the following:

That, upon receiving word of Secret Mojo’s finding the Holy Grail first Finished Object, I shall dedicate an FO worthy icecream cone to him.

That, also upon this joyous event, I shall send unto Secret Mojo some pleasing yarn, so as to tempt him into further knitting reward such a noble accomplishment.

So let it be written; so let it be done.


One thought on “Hear ye hear ye!

  1. Thank you, Her Majesty. I am humbled before your kniting greatness, and only wish that a mere one of my purls are worth a single loop of the stuff you frog.

    Only 1,500 stitches left before I claim that ice cream cone, so watch out! And I sure was eyeing that “magic” yarn at the store… hmmm.

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