So you may take me to the fair…

The annual North Canton Street Fair, where we spent most of the day yesterday. We saw a juggler, and the Bee got a toy snake, and I donated blood and got a free tee-shirt. Michael played his flute all up and down the ways, and bought yet another ocarina, because no street fair is complete without a booth selling ocarinas and without us buying one.

And I snagged one of the only knit objects being sold at any of the booths in the fair – this is not a fiber-active community.

Streetfair 006

This is a dishcloth – it’s knit on straights, and made round by some pattern of increases along one end, then by a matching pattern of decreases. Bound off, and the cast on and bind off are then seamed. That’s all I can tell by looking at it, and the woman who was selling them was not the one who made it, so couldn’t tell me any more. I have supported some random church charity to the tune of a dollar fifty in exchange for this esoteric knowledge and purple dishcloth.

And this is how much I can knit while wandering around a streetfair looking at things and watching the Bee go on rides and play games:

Streetfair 004

The crochet bag works out perfectly for hanging over my wrist with the ball of yarn in it! I was the only knitter in sight at the street fair, and certainly the only knitter knitting while walking around.

Now – if I had been able to make this blog posting promptly when we got home yesterday evening, this would be the end of it. But when we got home, the first thing the Bee said as “Can I go out to play with BestFriend?’ and I said ‘Sure’.

This is how much I knit while Bee and BestFriend were playing:

Da HAt 002 Da HAt 001

Got it seamed and everything, all sitting out on the playground.  Note the delighted model,  who has recovered from the stunning rejection of not being given the grey chemo cap.  I knit her one of her very own in the almost last of the Monet yarn.  The very last of the Monet yarn is being wound into a pom-pom for it.


5 thoughts on “So you may take me to the fair…

  1. Monet yarn is so bautiful, and looks great as a cap for your little Bee. What a cutie!

    That is really somethin’ else, knitting while walking around at a street fair. You take the cake!


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