The Queue: What’s in it.

In the order in which I hope to finish them.

Da swatch. Started out as a swatch for an afghan pattern I was testing for the father-in-law’s Yule gift. It took me about eight rows to realize it wasn’t workable. It only took the Bee four rows to decide it was a perfect dollbaby blanket, thus obligating me to finish it even after I had realized the pattern wasn’t what I was after.

Various2 002

The Turkish String bag! Again, this time to pattern. I get to feel thrifty and virtuous for finishing up the crochet mesh bag with enough cotton left to make this.

Various2 005

A butterfly stitch dishcloth. Just a dishcloth, nothing more. The pattern would look better in a solid color.

Various2 008

Stella Maris. My Lolita project for Knit the Classics. Lace scarf in snowdrop pattern with wave edging. I’ve been nervy about getting back into this since I had to frog it, and have only knit back up to two pattern repeats. Mostly it lives very safely in this plastic bag. I want this finished by the end of August. I understand, as a mature and responsible adult, that we do not always get what we want.

Various2 009

A small chemo cap. For Made By Hand. Note the conspicuous absence of double pointed needles. I ran with the dpn pattern a while before realizing that the change of yarn meant I would end up with not so much a hat as a tube sock, which forced me to frog it and find a new pattern.

Various2 006


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