Planning planning.

I’ve got a couple of projects on the horizon that I need to plan for.

I’m going to probably/maybe make an afghan for my father-in-law for Yule this year. I’ve got a skein of yarn to test for it (Swish superwash from KnitPicks), and a pattern I want to try – the knit log cabin block. I need to get this tested soon so that if I decide to do this I have enough time to plan and make this afghan by Yule.

Also on the Yule front are some dishcloths for my mother (though I’ll crochet these, not knit them, most likely) and a star ornament. Judy Gibson has a nice looking pattern for a star ornament knit on dpn’s that I might try. It’s pretty delicate though.

I am participating in the KTC Fall Blanket project, and need to knit a 5 x 15 inch strip for that – I may make two, depending on my mood and my stash. I think I will use the same swish superwash for this that I am testing for the afghan – I should have enough.

I am going to make the SnowDrop Shawl from the Yarn Harlot’s website – I am experimenting with one laceweight yarn from knitpicks right now, and have another to play with before I am ready to decided which yarn to buy for this. There is no rush here – I just sort of want to buy the yarn for this this year sometime.

I would like to make myself an Irish Hiking Scarf before the winter hits – ideally before the end of October. And DasHusband so loves his IHS that he has requested a matching winter hat. Plus the Bee wants a hat. Specifically she wants my Monet hat, but I’m not sure I have enough left of the skein for a second one. Maybe if I make it smaller…..

Holiday Planning laws: I will make one – just one, large knit object for Yule gifting. If I need to cast on more then 100 stitches, it’s large. If I need more then two 50 gram skeins of yarn, it’s large. I will make three – just three, small knit objects for Yule gifting. And any knit object intended for a Yule gift must be finished – down to the ends woven in – by December 10th. If it is not, I buy a gift for the person and *do not freak out* trying to finish the knit gift by the holida.

And in the idly dreamed future I intend to knit myself the Fiddlesticks ‘Creatures of the Reef’ shawl, and a nice big cardigan. Next year, probably.


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