Finally done! A crochet mesh bag.

I started this project the year before last, and have only now gotten around to finishing it. It is so old that the website I got the pattern from has disappeared.  I only now got around to finishing it because I found the second ball of cotton I had for it, and want to use said second ball for something else.  *lol*    So I went over my pattern and project, figured out how I could finish it in a smaller size that wouldn’t need the second ball, and finished it up.   Crochet makes for a great ‘stash it in the car and work on it while driving’ project.

Crochet Mesh Bag

This is worked in #10 cotton, on a crochet hook of indeterminate size. It’s a steel hook, very fine,  with “4 Boye 4” on one side of the thumb pad, and “U.S.A. -25 Cents” on the other side.   On both of my little knitting gauge/needle sizers it fitsperfectly into the hole for a size 0 knitting needle, which is (on both gauges) unlabeled with a crochet hook size.  I suspect it is an antique.

The pattern for this bag is very simple –  work a crochet mesh rectangle in a ratio of 1:1.5  (eg. 6X9), then decrease by working sc around in each space from a corner.  A few rounds of sc and decreases as necessary to make the bag draw up nicely,  then work the handles over the short ends, and a few more rounds of sc around to give the rim some strength and the handles some width.   If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to post the original pattern I have printed out.

And since I did finish it on the one ball of cotton, I have the second ball for the project I want it for!!


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