A winter hat.

This is the Lion toboggan hat pattern, in Red Heart multicoloured acrylic, the Monet colourway. I *love* all things Monet, and this hat and yarn are no exception.

Winter hat two. WInter Hat

This hat was interesting for a couple of reasons – the decreases to shape the crown are cunningly worked to keep the rib pattern from distorting, and I got to sew a seam!

This is the first seam I’ve worked since the best-not-discussed sweater I made for my father-in-law years ago, and I think it came out pretty well. Not good – but decent. As you can see below, the seam (center) is slightly distorted — I was stitching into the middle of the selvedge at first instead of right on the edge — but it’s not glaringly noticeable, and as soon as I corrected which stitches I was sewing into the distortion pretty much disappeared. Not bad for a second-first stab at it.

Seam?  What seam?


3 thoughts on “A winter hat.

  1. The Monet is so pretty –
    the women I work with are making baby hats for Warm the World – most of us knit or crochet, so we have a large carton of hats already!
    Last year we did preemie hats. I cried while I knitted, just thinking of the tiny heads that were going to be warmed –

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