The Irish Hiking Scarf.

Here it is! 70 inches of Lion’s Brand Fishermen’s Wool, looking completely and utterly scarf like.

IHS Full Length IHS Close up

In the close up you can get a really good look at how the back of the cable pattern looks. This was knit on size 8 needles (clover bamboo), with Lion’s Brand Fishermen’s Wool, using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern from Hello Yarn. It used almost a complete skein of the wool – I have perhaps 20 yards left.

I knit this along with gajillions of other knitters at the Irish Hiking Scarf KnitAlong.

Things I learned from this project:

  1. I don’t like using a no cable needle cable technique.  Using the cable needle is easier for me, and I get a better result with it.
  2. Needle length matters.  I was going crazy trying to knit this on 14 inch needles,  and when I switched  to the shorts (7 inches, I think)  it was so much easier.

I intend to knit this scarf at least once, and possibly twice more.   I want one for myself – possibly in the totally yummy hideously expensive buffalo yarn my LYS is trying to sell,  and one of the great-uncles has been hinting at wanting one, which would make a nice Yule gift for him.


3 thoughts on “The Irish Hiking Scarf.

  1. That’s lovely looking. This has been on my to-do list for a while and it’s earmarked as a possible christmas gift for someone – it just moved a bit higher up on the list, especially if I can pull if off as well as you have.

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