Cast on: a red winter hat.

A very simple ribbed toboggan hat, pattern courtesy of Lion Brand. I am not sure if that will load, dear visitors , or if you will need to register with Lion to see it.

CloseRed HatI am knitting this in the Classic Elite Renaissance wool that I have, and I have to say it is a much much nicer wool to be knitting then the Lion Brand was — much softer and cozier feeling. Not nearly as scratchy. It’s a worsted weight, currently on size 7 needles. In another inch or so I get to switch to size 8’s. I would guess this needle changing scheme is to keep the brim snug.

I really like the colour of this yarn – a very subtly varigated red/orange/yellow, it looks like a campfire or sunset too me. The photo doesn’t do it justice.


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