In which lace suffers from a lack of frog repellant.

I don’t know what happened.   Maybe it was when the Bee careened into me at full hug speed and the needles got knocked to the floor.  Maybe it was when I had to put it down to answer the phone.  Maybe it was when I was walking back from the kitchen and sat down and put my hand in instead of on the cup of tea and knocked it all over myself — thank foresight for my having stowed the needles and fabric and yarn all in a gallon zip bag at that moment.

It was the end of a row – I thought everything was fine.   I started knitting, knit a couple more rows, then stretched the piece out to look at it.

Not fine.

Somehow, I don’t know how, or when or why exactly,  I was off three stitches.   Check my count – short three stitches.

Okay – no problem – I’ll tink it back a few rows.  Keep breathing.


I can’t tell which stitches are the psso at all,  and the k2tog  are almost as hard.  Its like trying to unweave a spiderweb.

Two carefully tinked rows later, I’ve dropped at least two stitches, and there must be more I can’t see because my count is down to 27.


I really say that – it’s a funnier non-cuss word then darn or gol-dang-it,  and it makes me laugh when I hear my daughter jump up and start stomping on barbie dolls whose heads won’t do back on and yelling CRUMB!

I will say this for my self control – I did not start jumping up and down on the knitting.

But I am in serious need of some frog repellant here.    And now I am off to google ‘knit lace lifeline’.




Jargon note for non-internet-knitters (such as Cita!):  tink is to un-knit carefully, usually to fix a mistake.  Probably always to fix a mistake.  It’s such a pain I can’t imagine any other reason to do it.  Frog is to unravel the knitting directly by taking it off the needle and pulling the working end – derived by some anonymous punnish knitter from what frogs have to say – ‘rip-it, rip-it, rip-it’.


4 thoughts on “In which lace suffers from a lack of frog repellant.

  1. Cool definitions for tink and frog. Funny, but sad situation you found yourself in. Time to exercise deep breathing relaxation techniques, I’d say … and maybe a Guiness or two.


  2. Ahhh, that’s so frustrating! I got about that far with my first proper lace scarf and had to rip it all out (it was mohair, I couldn’t make out the stitches) – I’m almost ready to pick it up again now. Almost.

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