BIW Day 1 – August

Morning writing went well – 2 pages, and I’ve got a couple of characters, a setting, and an idea of what will happen.  There’s a little history, some emotional stuff going on.  All in all, I like it as a start to something short.

I want 1k a day, so I’ve still got two more pages to write today, but that shouldn’t be too hard once I’ve taken some time to think a bit about what I wrote up this morning.

This is the first BIW that I’ve started just freewriting – last month I had a specific thing I wanted to work on and that worked very well.   This month it’s all just new – I had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down to work, and I am pleasantly surprised about what’s turned up.


4 thoughts on “BIW Day 1 – August

  1. Hi there … you just posted a comment/question on my blog about a pattern I used to knit a cream colored stocking. It is from a book I bought at Amazon, “Christmas Stockings: 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit” (paperback, about $13). The stocking you saw on my blog was the “Snowy Night Gansey Stocking” from that book (page 10). I knitted it up in Bernat denimstyle yarn, in a cream color. The yarn is very soft and has a nice, somewhat irregular texture to it. I’ve knitted up several stockings using that pattern in solid color yarns, but then also played around with doing the decorative pattern stitches in contrasting colors, and maybe having the top “cuff” line in the same contrasting color. I made one for my father in blue, red, and cream with blue being the dominate color.

    I also make the foot a bit shorter than the pattern calls for, because I like the stubby, chubby look it creams.

    Hope this is helpful.


  2. Good for you. Keeping track is such a fine way to make sure you keep going. It’s a little bit like knitting, in a way. Before you know it, you have a novel (or a scarf, or a sweater….) Best, BL

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