The Lace Head Kerchief. Finished.

Finished! And worn off to dinner with the inlaws, where absolutely nobody noticed it. Possibly because I wear things along this line all the time (though usually just bandanas), possibly because none of my inlaws knit.

This is a very nice basic lace pattern, which was a breeze to knit. The pattern is from Mind’s Eye Yarns, and I knit it in Catania Cotton on #4 needles. The pattern calls for DK or sportweight, but Catania is rather finer, which I liked. It did come out a little larger then I would have liked when I was done – I think because I blocked it out, which the pattern doesn’t call for. It needed it though.

Pattern errata: I think that row five of the pattern stitch should read ‘Sl1, yo, K5..’ – all the other rows have the YO after the first stitch. I knit it with the added yo, and it seemed to come out just fine.

Here she is still on the needles:




From the side, and from the back:


A neat angle:


And what I was looking at during the neat angle shot – the Bee and Harrods:



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