This is scary scary yarn. It’s so … thin. Delicate. I put a strand of this across my finger, and I can’t tell it’s there.


I’ve embroidered with stuff thicker then this yarn.

Knitting with this is a disorienting experience – I can see the yarn, I can see the stitches, I can see the fabric, but if I close my eyes? Nothing. There’s no tension, no pull on the needles. No weight. My needles don’t click when I’m knitting with this yarn. I find myself holding my breath knitting this yarn, scared that breathing on it will blow the stitches away.

When I put this away last night and picked up my IHS, which is being knit in a perfectly respectable worsted weight wool, it felt in my hands like I was trying to knit with strands of cellulose sponge.


But it’s working. Be still my heart and remember to breath – I am knitting lace.

AveStella stretched.

Minutiae: This is a four row snow drop pattern, with a one stitch garter stitch selvedge. I knit and shape on the right side, purl over the wrong side. 35 stitches on the needle. My eternal gratitude goes to the Yarn Harlot, whose chart for the pattern I am using.


3 thoughts on “Lace.

  1. Woo hoo, pretty. The yarn does sound scary though. I’ve done some small projects with scary airy yarn before and know that feeling. Sort of like, you wonder if you just walked off a cliff or something but can’t quite tell.


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