Three Needle Bind Off

I’ve finished the mesh bag, other then weaving in my ends. The strap is joined to the body with a three needle bind off, which I found such an interesting process I thought I would take a bunch of pictures of it.

I found that setting up for this bind off was the most tricky part of it. Both needles holding the stitches to be bound off have to be pointing the same directing, while the right sides of the work are facing each other. It’s a lot easier to do then it is to describe.

Here’s what it looks like – at this point I’ve already started the bind off, so have a working stitch on the third needle. You can see that the two needles being bound off are lined up and held just as if I were knitting from them. Which I am.

First stitch.

Here’s the nifty part – I take my working needle and slide it through the stitch on the forward bindoff needle, just as if I were knitting. Then I slid it through the stitch on the rear bindoff needle, again, just as if I were knitting the stitch. Which I am.

That looks like this:

Through both stitches as to knit.

At this point, it is just a knit stitch – the yarn wraps around the working needle, you pull it back through both bind off stitchs, and then slip the stitches off their respective needles, leaving you with two stitches on the working needle.

Like so:

Two stitches - pass first stitch over.

At this point, that first stitch on the needle – which is now the second from the tip – gets passed over the forward stitch and let drop. It’s bound off!

To start this bind off, you just knit through the first stitch on each of the bindoff needles as I knit through it above – this makes the first working stitch.

This made a very neat join for the strap of the bag.

From the wrong side it looks like this:

Wrong side.

And from the right side it looks like this:

Right side.


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