See Anna Run.

Let’s take a moment here to talk straight about my knitting skills. I’ve finished a scarf (k2 p2 ribbing all the way) and a sweater. Let’s not talk about the sweater, it didn’t work out. I’ve never knit a hat. I’ve never knit mittens.

That purple dishcloth? Second dishcloth I’ve ever knit – normally I crochet the things.

The Irish Hiking Scarf will be my first “real” project that looks like it will actually come out really well. The mesh bag I just finished… well, it’s done. Let’s just say it looks better in the photographs then it does in person.



For the August KTC we’re reading Lolita, and after a bit of fumbling in my mind, I’ve hit upon the theme I want to knit too — the ocean/tears theme of the Dolores/Stella Maris references that are being made. A tear drop/waves lace pattern in a sea blue green yarn.

I’ve got the yarn – knitpicks alpaca cloud in the Tide Pool pattern. 440 yards. Enough to make a scarf.

And I’ve got a plan. I’ll take the snowdrop lace pattern I’ve been swatching from the SnowDrop Shawl(opens a pdf) on the Yarn Harlot’s site, I’ll knit it in scarf style – three pattern repeats, until it’s about 45 inches, then I’ll edge it with the wave pattern edging that Eunny uses on her Print O’ the Wave stole.


Lace. Semi designing my own lace. Semi-designing my own lace using a technique I have never ever used (knit on edging). In a yarn I’ve never knit with before. With a limited supply of said yarn.

Did I mention I’ve never knit lace before?
See Anna fall.

Or maybe that should be fail.


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